Share a meal with
loved ones.
Provide meals for
your community.

By purchasing this collection of loving
family receipes, passed down through
generations, you will help provide 75
for food-insecure families in your
MCKC Book Cover
MCKC Book Cover
"Having a bountiful table and the fellowship of people that you love the most is a blessing"

Feeding the body and soul

My Cottage Kitchen Cookbook is a collection of almost 200 family recipes passed down and collected through many generations. Drawing on Tracy’s southern roots as well as northeast and western Caribbean influences, the book is inspired by the different cultures, heritages, people, and food from these varied regions.

By purchasing this book you will not only enjoy wonderful family treasures but also help provide 75 meals for food-insecure families and individuals in your community.

100% of all profits are donated to the Food Bank of Southern Tier and other entities that support feeding the food insecure. Read more